The Operative Israeli System (OIS) is a system of tactics and techniques of realistic combat,
with or without weapons, designed to respond to real threats.
The assault on public roads in neutralizing dangerous and armed
individuals the OIS opposes to every problem an immediate, appropriate and proportionate.

The OIS is an evolutionary and pragmatic system: it has the feedback from the Israeli security forces and anti-terrorism.

Upcoming events

15 Dec 2019
Stage Krav Maga 100% Femmes

Sous la direction de Manon Albouy et Adrien Siwiec

02 Jan 2020
Stage en Thailande

Du 2 janvier au 8 janvier 2020, venez vivre l’expérience unique de vous dépasser dans le pays du sourire.

No matter how long you train, what matters is how much you get out of it! The quality of the OIS Krav Maga courses follow this guideline and reflects completely the principles of Imi Lichtenfeld, creator of Krav Maga.



Ecole de Krav Maga des 3 Frontières
68300 Saint-Louis
Alsace - France

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