Adrien Siwiec

Adrien Siwiec


Krav Maga is my profession, not just a passion taught after another activity...

Passionate and practioner of combat sport and self defense since his childhood, Adrien SIWIEC meets Aaron ELBAZE representing the OKM Operational Krav Maga system in France.

In no time will he be appointed as the OKM deputy in Alsace. Then, few years later, he will follow his head instructor Aaron ELBAZE in the system's emancipation which has become today the Operative Israeli System. His seriousness, skill and professionalism are in time recognized around our region. He has trained numbers of student since all these years, and few articles and reports have been made about his school.

Always in search of improving his professionalism, Adrien SIWIEC keeps on learning and training in parallel:  "Knowing how to provide a training is one thing, to understand it and explain it is another". When others are talking about sport club, he is insisting on a complete training addressed to civilians and professionals.

After succeeding in getting his state certificate in France, he achieved an Israeli state certificate in Krav Maga and is the first non israeli to get such an award among the Wingate Academy. His 3rd Degree in OIS Krav Maga has been obtained in Summer 2016 within an Instructor Course and after over 2000 hours of training in France and Israel.

A special award for his 10 years collaboration with the head instructor Aaron ELBAZE has been given to him in 2015.

Keeping at the closest to the truth, "Emeth" in hebrew, he still consider himself as a student, the one from reality!

I am not a dream seller: one does not joke with the security of the people trusting us...



- OIS Alsace Manager

- OIS Instructor 3rd Grade

- French state graduate

- Israelian state graduate Wingate Institute

- Crossfit Trainer Level 1

- SCPA Instructor (Sécurité Crime Prévention Académy)

- Federal trainer contact défense, boxe thai, full contact, K1


Ecole de Krav Maga des 3 Frontières
68300 Saint-Louis
Alsace - France

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