Business courses

Business courses

Business courses

These courses and trainings are open to all employees, collaborators, managers and company executives.

Self-confidence is essential to the development of a person starting from childhood. Various factors influence the level of trust that an individual has of himself: the assertion of their needs and opinions, recognition by others, a sense of safety and skills. Self-confidence can vary over a lifetime.

Self-confidence is essential the private life and proves to be a valuable asset for a successful professional life, to best exploit its skills without being held back by doubts or fears. It also helps to be respected, listened to and followed. It strengthens the motivation and spreads further around in a team.

Thus, companies have an incentive to encourage the growing trust, and therefore power, of their employees: the human capital makes the difference.

In 2010, The Emeth Krav Maga Paris School, decided to create a training center that operates, in the development of professional, business, and civil world through their employees and their structures while combining the Board individual and collective training.


Group lessons are for all the company's members. We organize:

  • Mixedcourse
  • Coursesdedicated to women

Our method with women is very specific. Thus our courses for women have become over the years a reference in Paris. These courses have won, for ten years, media attention and have been the object of TV reports, newspaper articles and radio interviews.

During the group lessons, we reproduce the concrete situations of the street through scenarios of all kinds with stress course.

Students even beginners are thus faced with sudden attacks to awaken the instinctive defense sense and immediate reflex action:

  • PerceptionandPrevention work (How to anticipate a problemandmanage)
  • Reaction,InstinctiveResponsiveness work (Howto react quicklyusing the rightdefense)
  • Mental work, PositiveAggressiveness (Enter combatphase toadopt the bestdefense tothe attack)

Group: 10 to 30 people
Course length: 1 hour to 1h30, according to your requirements
Conditions: Provide gym, sport room or dojo (at least 3 square meters per person). Failing that add the cost of an extra room.


Internships are special times open to all. Anyone can participate regardless of their level.

Intensive training during 2h or 4h is designed to consolidate achievements and discover the techniques and psychological development of the system OIS Emeth Krav Maga.

Group: 10 to 50 people
Course length: 2 hours to 4 hours, according to your requirements
Conditions: Provide gym, sport room or dojo (at least 3 square meters per person). Failing that add the cost of an extra room.

Direction et Cadres Dirigeants


Mental preparation and physical decision-making process in situations of extreme stress.

All managers today are likely to experience critical situations as part of his duties.
Such situations are currently deviating from the usual more conventional conflict. They have become unconventional multifactorial, atypical, asymmetrical and therefore difficult to control.

Consequences on the individual and the corporate image can be lasting and profound.
Yet few people are actually prepared to anticipate, identifying, to manage and to live with this kind of situations.
OIS PRO offers a series of practical training whose mission is to help leaders and their teams to face this kind of threat, either within their business or outside.

This seminar comes in two forms: for a sole company or for a group of companies

In both cases OIS PRO seminar is tailor made to match the needs of participants

  • For seminars dedicated to one company a fully customized approach is proposed, with advance preparation in terms of structure and individual level and a personalized follow-up after training.
  • As part of the multi-seminars, each participant met before the seminar and then has a long follow-up period (included in the fee) enabling it to adapt to specific situations acquired from its environment.

(Securing, Controlling, Preventing, analyze critical situations)

Powered by specialized experts, this practical seminar on a specified number of days offers to provide participants with tools and behaviors to deal with the multiplicity of situations possible in business, from simple to extreme conflict situations (kidnapping, assault ...).

Particular emphasis is placed on prevention and healing (crisis).

Each participant receives a personalized follow-up over a period to be agreed with the client.
Consultants can also offer a collective tracking included.

Disclaimer regularity of this monitoring are provided upstream in the specification for implementation.


Understand your needs
Your story, your action principles, your challenges, your goals, your strategy, your market, your competitors, your offer and the people of your organization.

Build together a set of concrete task
Taking point by point your expectations, methodology, criteria for monitoring and evaluation, expected results...

Act as close to real life together with your colleagues
Developing cases, tools and methods dedicated to your company in its market and competitive environment.

A long term collaboration
To sustain the gains of training and advice, ensuring personalized attention of your employees.

Ensure coherence and cohesion
Mobilizing your managers in setting up actions and in monitoring their employees.

OIS PRO is the result of research in the behavioral and private security field.

The fact is:
It is the human capital that makes the difference in an equation repeatedly verified (effective motivation x = x skills performance)
In 2010, we decided to create a training center that offers exclusively tailor made solution (except in special cases), to professional, to business, and to the civilian world.

For more information about the different formations of our system for any organization-specific private seminars, thank you to contact us via:


No matter how long you train, what matters is how much you get out of it! The quality of the OIS Krav Maga courses follow this guideline and reflects completely the principles of Imi Lichtenfeld, creator of Krav Maga.

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