Children & Youth course

Children & Youth course

Children & Youth course

Defense for the youngest

Help the young ones to grow up

A complete program is in place for the whole year, and various stakeholders and speakers (police, firemen, etc) are taking part to raise awareness and educate our young students to the dangers of aggressions, drugs and every others issues the could be encountered...

The learning is also by speaking, while explaining them how to react against a dispute or how to handle things during an accident. Our young students learn basis to self-defense and fight, but also to manage everyday life situations (agressions, thefts, racket, etc.).


No matter how long you train, what matters is how much you get out of it! The quality of the OIS Krav Maga courses follow this guideline and reflects completely the principles of Imi Lichtenfeld, creator of Krav Maga.

Available courses

Kids class

Our society is becoming more and more dangerous for our youngs. Teach your kids to defend themselves easily and efficiently, with an OIS method developped specifically to their age, body and capabilities.
The lessons for kids are first of all intended to teach them respect, of themselves and of others, which is a fundamental of our system.

Kids are going through several psychomotor growing phases. When they train with us, it means also that we are closely following them in their moves, to avoid any problem that would harm their health while capitalizing on their capabilities and qualities of the moment.
Main goals are :

  • Complete their learning of balance
  • Improve their sense of direction
  • Work on the movement coordination
  • Work on reactivity and reflexes
  • Favor symetric work (to use equally both left and right side of the body)
Teens class

The ttens class is a complete program intended to bring the teenager to become a "Leader". With a dedicated pedagogy, the class is built about moral values, a healthy was of thinking, in order to learn to defend himself and others for the good reasons :

  • Learn to analyse actions from the others that would require a physical response (i.e. not fighting unnecessarily)
  • Learn to find goles in life, have ambitions
  • Listen
  1. 12h15 - 13h15 : Krav Maga/Lunch Time
  2. 17h30 - 18h30 : Krav Maga NEW !!!
  3. 19h50 - 20h45 : Fightness Évolution
  4. 20h45 - 21h30 : Krav Maga Express NEW !!!
  1. 12h15 - 13h15 : Intro the fight/Lunch Time
  2. 18h30 - 19h30 : Weapons
  3. 19h30 - 20h45 : Krav Maga
  4. 20h45 - 21h15 : Intro the fight/Approche du combat NEW!!! (Gants obligatoires)
  1. 18h00 - 18h45 : Krav Kid's (6/10 ans)
  2. 18h45 - 19h30 : Krav Kid's (11/13 ans)
  3. 19h30 - 20h30 : Krav Teenagers (14/17 ans)
  4. 20h30 - 21h30 : Fightness Évolution
  1. 12h15 - 13h15 : Krav Maga/Lunch Time
  2. 19h30 - 20h45 : Krav Maga
  3. 20h45 - 21h15 : Fighting tactics (Gants obligatoires)

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