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The best of fitness..., For the best of Krav Maga !

The Fightness Evolution physical conditionning technic. It combines mainly athletic strength, halterophilia, gymnastic and endurance. The practitioners are running, ropejumping, moving objects, doing bodyweight exercises, using barbells, kettlebells, des sandbags, TRX, elastics and any other objects useful for the training.

The Fightness Evolution is working on several atheltic skills: cardiovascular respiratory endurance, muscular resistance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, psychomotricity, balance and accuracy.

The program in place wants to increase the workload in these different subjetcs by provoking with the trainings neurological and hormonal adaptations through all metabolic sectors. This is in order to prepare the practitioners to adapt to any physical efforts met every day thanks to the diversity of the trainings, the use of poly-articular movements, and high intensity of the effort.


No matter how long you train, what matters is how much you get out of it! The quality of the OIS Krav Maga courses follow this guideline and reflects completely the principles of Imi Lichtenfeld, creator of Krav Maga.

  1. 12h15 - 13h15 : Krav Maga/Lunch Time
  2. 17h30 - 18h30 : Krav Maga NEW !!!
  3. 19h50 - 20h45 : Fightness Évolution
  4. 20h45 - 21h30 : Krav Maga Express NEW !!!
  1. 12h15 - 13h15 : Intro the fight/Lunch Time
  2. 18h30 - 19h30 : Weapons
  3. 19h30 - 20h45 : Krav Maga
  4. 20h45 - 21h15 : Intro the fight/Approche du combat NEW!!! (Gants obligatoires)
  1. 18h00 - 18h45 : Krav Kid's (6/10 ans)
  2. 18h45 - 19h30 : Krav Kid's (11/13 ans)
  3. 19h30 - 20h30 : Krav Teenagers (14/17 ans)
  4. 20h30 - 21h30 : Fightness Évolution
  1. 12h15 - 13h15 : Krav Maga/Lunch Time
  2. 19h30 - 20h45 : Krav Maga
  3. 20h45 - 21h15 : Fighting tactics (Gants obligatoires)

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