Ludovic JOST

Ludovic JOST

Ludovic JOST

It is in 2011 that Ludovic is introduced to Krav Maga and Adrien SIWIEC. Shortly, with a dedicated and hard training allowing him to reach a certain level qualification, Adrien is offering him the chance to assist him for the teenagers class. That's how his Instructor's record begins.

After his validation of the Instructor's "First Part" in 2013, he is taking over the kids class and teenagers class alongside with Adrien. Ludovic will then travel for a first course in Israel, and a second one in 2014, before completing his Instructor Course in July 2014.

Teach to kids, who are the future of OIS Krav Maga, allows Ludovic to improve his technical skills at the best, because to be able to train the youngest, one must first be able to perfectly master the technic to teach it back efficiently. The strength of OIS is in that each and everyone can defend himself with the exact same technic, and if a kid can do it, then an adult, man or woman, can do it too.

It is this wisdom that Ludovic is committed to provide to all students when it comes to teach OIS Krav Maga, and for what he keeps on training by following the courses, trainings and advices, in either OIS Krav Maga, guns shooting and handling, or CrossFit for the Fightness Evolution course as well, from his instructor and friend Adrien SIWIEC.


- OIS Instructor Grade 1 with 396h of training

- 6th year OIS

- 4 validated Instructor courses

- 4 validated Israel courses

- Federal Instructor


Ecole de Krav Maga des 3 Frontières
68300 Saint-Louis
Alsace - France

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