Summer & Winter Camp

Summer & Winter Camp

Summer & Winter Camp

OIS total immersion

Every year, the OIS Alsace organizes its Summer Camp: a several day long course, to an exceptional location in nature, for a total immersion of a small group into the OIS world. This unique training makes you live and enjoy fully the OIS and helps you experiment a complete group cohesion.

Various situations closest to reality are reproduced (simulation of everyday life locations), trainings are performed on different ground types (grass, gravel, forest, inside, etc) as well as at several schedule during day or night.
Other physical and athletic activities are performed (races, swimming pool, paint ball), as well as resting times all together, or various games and fun activities, in order to enhance team spirit, cohesion and solidarity that makes our strength.


Krav Maga + sport + activities + leisure + fun = Summer Camp!

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Ecole de Krav Maga des 3 Frontières
68300 Saint-Louis
Alsace - France

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