Useful information

Useful information

Useful information

Everything you need to know, enjoy the largest training center in the region...

Proper OIS Krav Maga Clothing
  • Official OIS T-Shirt
  • Cargo type pants
  • Sport sneakers (restricted to inside use)
  • Groin protection
  • Shin protection
  • Mouthgard
  • Boxing gloves (for fighting course only)
EKM3F rules to follow
  • Always be on site 15 minutes before course's start
  • Always wear full equipment clothing
  • Attend the training with water and towel
Subscription formalities
  • Download the subscription form by clicking here
  • Have no health issue preventing physical activities
  • Own a mdeical certificate granting ability to fighting sports
  • Provide two ID pictures
  • Provide a blank police record on demand
  • Obtain complete required equipment necessary to OIS Krav Maga (T-Shirt available at the school)
  • Respect and follow school's internal rules (provided along subscription form)

For being tested offered, download the form by clicking here


Subscription can be done any time of the year, in sliding year.




Ecole de Krav Maga des 3 Frontières
68300 Saint-Louis
Alsace - France

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